Services. What we do to add value

Managing a business means a wide range of challenges. One month reaching the sales target is a major problem – the next month the challenge is delivering fast enough. A key employee suddenly resigns or difficult questions about the product or marketing are on the agenda. Decisions which often can determine the level of success.

We offer professional coaching and consulting focused on getting to the core of problems and solve them actively, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Optimizing the sales and marketing process
  • Innovation and product development
  • Management Development

It is about creating the most value for the fewest resources! No craftsman would dream of doing a job without the use of various electrical tools. It is faster processing the material and results in optimal quality.

There is a wide range of business apps on the market for sales and customer management, project management, accounting or customer service. In many cases, one may use a standard solution directly. In other cases, there is a need for something more tailored, for example when it is advantageous to develop a specific solution for one’s customers, or to integrate with other systems.

We conduct ongoing research of business technology and comes with evaluations of solutions, and we offer technology consulting and development including:

Information and requirements analysis

  • Cost-benefit assessment
  • Web and Mobile apps design
  • Database and apps development

We like a good idea – and an exciting adventure! Especially if it is promising and productive for all parties.

Are you an entrepreneur or system developer working on an interesting web and / or mobile app, and seeking help to move forward, then please contact us. We participate in a market and potential assessment of the project and can provide input into moving the case forward. If we find a common ground to work together, we enter into the project providing strategy advice and assistance to development and commercialization. Start by sending us a brief description of the idea and project. We will get back about the possible forwarding of your business plan and a intro meeting.